UV Cut Shower


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UV-cut spray for whole body 80g/SPF50+PA++++
Non-chemical formula, water proof/no special cleansing required, synthetic fragrance free, synthetic colorant free, mineral oil free

Spray-type sunscreen with zero stickiness thoroughly blocks both UV and near-infrared rays. It can be used on the neck, hair, and even over makeup, making it easy and convenient to reapply. The non-chemical formula is suitable for sensitive skin and children, and also has an anti-pollution effect to prevent pollen, dust, and dust from adhering to the skin. The refreshing scent of 6 natural aromatic essential oils blocks external factors, while the 26 beauty ingredients lead to moist, supple, and supple skin. It does not leave a white cast even after repeated application, and is light and silky to the touch.

[How to use]
Shake the can well up and down, spray 15-20cm away from the skin, and spread evenly. Apply frequently.
When using on the face, spray lightly in a circular motion, 20 to 30 cm away from the face, and be sure to close the eyes and mouth. Please be sure to use it on top of your makeup.
When applying to children, keep eyes and mouth closed so that they do not swipe the product away from their face.


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