The Lotion 120ml


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≪Specializing in aging skin caused by a decrease in female hormones≫
The highest peak anti-aging care series that pursues safety and functionality for faster and more reliable results

A dense thickening type high penetration and high performance lotion that treats a total of 42 types of blemishes, wrinkles, sagging, dryness, and declining female hormones. The skin is made the best by the skin beauty capsule, skin glow formula, and speedy penetration formula, which create radiant skin that is full of firmness and luster from the inside. It also prevents skin function deterioration by taking care of UV rays and dryness (external stress) and imbalance (internal stress) specific to women, and leads to beautiful skin with its own vitality and vitality.

<Skinglow Technology>
Maximize radiant beauty. Four high-performance beauty ingredients have been carefully selected to free the skin from a harsh skin environment and bring out its natural smoothness, elasticity, and luminosity. The skin’s vitality is awakened, and the skin is left resilient, glowing, and radiant.

<Beauty Skin Capsules>
Penetration technology that has been studied for many years. Nanocapsules” are used to deliver beauty ingredients instantly. Luxurious essence ingredients penetrate deep into the stratum corneum.

<How to use>
After cleansing, apply a quart (25 cent) size to your hands or cotton pad and apply to the entire surface of your face. Use more if your skin feels dry.


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