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Retinol(Vitamin A) serum

Retinol (vitamin A derivative) is a remarkable ingredient that is highly effective in anti-aging care such as wrinkles, sagging, pore tightening, acne, and activation of turnover. It is also recommended for people with very dry skin and for rough skin care. It also helps the penetration of other cosmetics used together. High quality and highly effective retinol activates fibroblast cells that produce collagen to restore plump skin. This excellent product promotes metabolism and improves wrinkles and dryness from within the skin.

<Recommended for>
Very dry skin, wrinkles, lack of firmness of skin and eye area, rough skin, acne

<Main Ingredients>
●Retinol Valmitate
Vitamin A derivative. Has a protective effect on the skin. Suitable for mature and oily skin.
●Hydrolyzed silk
Extracted from silk fibers of silkworms. It has excellent adsorption and permeability* and is expected to have a good moisturizing effect.
●Sodium hyaluronate
Moisturizing ingredient. It provides moisture to the skin and keeps it moist. Prevents damage such as dryness.
Extracted from the Japanese herb “shikonin” (gromwell root). It is expected to have a high cleansing effect.

<How to use>
After cleansing and toning your skin, apply 2 pumps of the product to the palm of your hand and gently blend in a circular motion.


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