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For the V-face and S-body of your dreams! Massage gel for the whole body
This gel improves lymphatic flow, loosens and smoothes out the bumps you are worried about, and creates ideal skin. It focuses on the cause of swelling that many women suffer from and enhances the slimming effect, while the bio-moisturizing net keeps the face line beautifully in place! It tightens sagging face lines and swollen calves, and 38 kinds of beauty ingredients keep skin moist and smooth after massage. Dual-use for face and body, no need to rinse off.

<For Face>
① After washing face, moisturize with plenty of toner. Take an appropriate amount of gel and warm it in your hands.
②Massage while pulling up from the inside to the outside in the direction of →.
③Facial line and cheeks will be more effective if you massage toward the lymph nodes next to and behind the ears, and then directly to the collarbone.
④After the massage, apply milky lotion or cream.

<For Body>
massaging calves, thighs, arms, and waist.


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