Bubble Moisture Peeling 80g


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Lactic acid bacteria for moist skin. Micro bubble peeling (gel cleanser)
Warm peeling with 5 functions in 1 bottle. ①Beauty mask ②Keratin care ③Warm massage ④Face wash ⑤Pore care

When the gel is placed on the skin, bubbles will form in seconds. It becomes a warm beauty mask that warms your skin and allows 12 different beauty ingredients to penetrate the skin. When a small amount of water is added and massaged lightly, it removes dead skin cells and leads to clear skin. The micro bubbles also penetrate 12 kinds of beauty ingredients and tighten dull skin and pores. Relaxing Yuzu essential oil scent.

<What is Lactobacillus Beauty?>
Two types of lactic acid bacteria, one derived from yogurt that contains a lot of amino acids and the other from royal jelly, which is said to be a treasure trove of nutrients, are fermented by lactic acid bacteria to balance the bacteria in the skin and lead to suppressed rough skin and resilient skin. Lactobacillus beauty is recommended for moisturizing and anti-aging care, and should be incorporated into your face wash every morning.

<How to use>
1. Apply an appropriate amount (about 1 inch) to dry face and blend in, avoiding the eye and mouth area.
Add a small amount of water and massage lightly.
When dead skin cells begin to appear, rinse off with water or lukewarm water.


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