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Shark Fin Collagen Pearl Plus Trial size


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Each pouch contains 1.5 shark fin worth of collagen extract and pearl powder worth 1 Japanese Akoya Perl.
This luxurious and delicious supplement contains 3000mg of collagen and 1 whole Akoya pearl (powdered) in each pouch.
About 25% of our body’s protein is said to be collagen and where collagen is found, so are hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin.
As we grow older, it is said that all 3 starts to degrade. That is why our product was created with the optimal balance of all 3 of there substances,
furthermore, derived naturally form the same source, increasing the potential for a higher absorption rate. This is what makes our collagen unique.
Together with minerals from the Akoya pearls, it has the potential highly support your daily health and beauty needs.

Good for winkles, dry skin, skin spots, dull skin tone, weaker bones, weaker gums and teeth

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