Hyalo Balloon Serum 0.3oz


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CEFINE¡¡Nanomic Hyalo-Balloon Serum 10ml Serum that expands up to 17 times in volume. Balloon technology utilizes pure hyaluronic acid and glucomannan that infiltrate deep into the skin and dramatically expands as they absorb moisture in the skin. This has excellent effects on compensating fine to deep wrinkles by physically plumping up lines. When applied on wrinkles between the eyebrows, forehead, around eyes, and mouse, it bonds with moisture in the skin and immediately starts expanding. In about 6 hours, it expands up to 17 times in volume. It then slowly transforms itself to regular hyaluronic acid that helps keep firm skin. Used in the morning and at night, the effects can last all day. How to use Apply after a generous amount of toner, take up an appropriate amount on the palm, and smooth evenly over your face. Before using product, please tighten the cap and shake bottle gently.


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